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Metal Warrior 3d Game- car 3
The Earth was conquered by The Kygoryans, a race of alien robots, which seem determined to extinguish us from existence.
We retreated in the underground in small groups, Nests, and we survive by sharing supplies with other Nests.
A select group of racing drivers, determined to keep humanity alive against all odds, have created the Metal Warrior League.
They face destruction each day, driving in the cities overrun by the enemy, delivering supplies between Nests.

Metal Warrior 3d Game- car 2
As a member of the Metal Warrior League, you must race your car in the streets owned by the robots, blasting your way through, if necessary, and deliver the much-needed supplies.
In multiplayer mode you’ll race against your friends: destroy their cars, or be the first to deliver the package. The choice is yours.

Metal Warrior 3d Game- car 1

Metal Warrior 3d Game- car


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