Metal Warrior 3D Game

Beta Testing Indiegogo

Metal Warrior 3D Game

Beta Testing Indiegogo

Metal Warrior 3D Game

Super addictive combat racing experience! We’re very excited about our first title Metal Warrior 3D Game, an original and intense driving game, featuring deadly enemies and up-gradable weapons to unlock, that blends the boundaries of classic shooting games with timeless car racing games.

Complete your mission or die trying; pick up goods, earn cash in different missions, drop packages, upgrade cars and weapons so you can destroy rival warriors and alien robots.

During the course of the adventure, players can collect items and level-up their cars as they make their way through fascinating generated levels. They can choose to play single player or multiplayer, while experiencing an engaging driving game, matching their skills and style.

Metal Warrior 3d Game Features:

– Intense alien robots-blasting action and racing game play!
– Challenge you friends or your enemies!



– 27 powerful cars, more the 14.000 HP combined;
– Push Nitro for more than 21.000 HP combined;
– AWD / RWD / FWD;
– Drift, spin, burnout.


– 29 damage wrecking weapons;
– lasers;
– energy beams;
– missiles;
– lightning rays;
– more…


– armor;
– shield;
– explosives;
– smoke;
– tire spikes;
– more…


– Earn badges, rule the leaderboards;
– Best physics engine with real car crashes;
– Real sound effects;

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